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Host A Coach

The Program

Each week of the summer host families provide our British coaches with an insight into the ‘American way of life’. Something that they will remember forever and think back on fondly when they return home to the United Kingdom at the end of the summer.

In return for hosting a UK Soccer coach for the week of camp UK Soccer will offer a free camp for your child/children for every coach you house during the week.

*** If you are interested in partaking in this program please CLICK HERE. ***

Depending on the location and time of the camp the coach(es) will arrive either the Sunday evening prior to the camp or the evening of the camp after it’s first day completion. In the event of our coaches arrive on a Sunday UK Soccer will communicate with you a rendezvous point and time at which you will meet the ‘coach’ that will be staying with you during the week.

The camp Director will have transport to and from camp each day so transport will not be needed for him, however if the member of staff that you are housing is NOT the Director they may need transport to and from camp each day if you are able to offer this. Otherwise, the director will come and get them from your home.

A policy of ours on the first day of camp is to arrive 45 mins early in order for us to have adequate time to prepare for the arrival of the campers, the rest of the week the coaches are required to arrive 20 mins prior to camp.

After the scheduled camp hours the coach may be asked to provide additional training services for UK Soccer, if the coach does not have transport a UK Soccer staff member will transport him to and from this service.

If the coach does not have any additional work he is free for the remainder of the day to join in the daily routine of your family.

Upon completion of the camp on Friday our staff members will be required to return to our UK Soccer Head Office to participate in our prescheduled staff meeting with the other members of the camp staff.

The activities under taken and meals provided throughout the week are at the discretion of the host family.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and openness to accept our coaches into your home enabling them to experience a wonderful week.

If you are interested in partaking in this program please CLICK HERE.

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