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Coaches Testimonials

Uk soccer provided everything I needed to have a fantastic summer coaching. From their initial help with all the paperwork to get out here, to setting up a membership at a local gym, everything was catered for. The accomadation was first class and the use of the apartment complex's swimming pool was a luxury. Uk soccer pays generous wages that allowed us to live comfortbly and to visit exciting places on the east coast at the weekends. Overall at Uk soccer you are not one of a number of coaches they truely make you feel a valued member of the UK soccer family. This was an amazing experience that i would recommend to anyone.

- Richard Symonds

This past summer has been the best summer of my life. I came to work for UK soccer already having experience coaching kids for a number of years but coaching over this past summer I have learnt a lot about my self as a coach and also the better ways to coach kids. The experience of the camps not only for me but for the kids was just amazing. Seeing the kids have fun and improve there skills from day one to the end of camp really made it worth while. It's really great when you get a good bunch of kids that really have a love for the game.

Off the field we are treated as professionals living in really nice accommodation with access to a swimming pool, free membership to a fitness centre and company car to get us around the place when we are not working. Not to mention just the experience of being in America and experiencing the American culture. I recommend this job to anyone who loves to spill their love for the games into kids. Best summer ever.

- Alex Boirand

Like many of us UK Soccer Coaches, I wanted to experience something completely new and aspired to live and work abroad. Being a UK Soccer Coach represented a unique opportunity to do this and America had always held a certain allure. I was one of 14 Soccer Coaches, so A-list celebrity status comes with the territory - which was fantastic! If you had told me a year ago that I'd be living and working as a professional soccer coach in America, with lovely weather (and girls) then I would have looked at you with a dubious stare! Part of the life as a Soccer Coach did represent being a foreigner, but don't take that the wrong way. We were professional Soccer Coaches; soccer in America is growing rapidly and remember that celebrity status I mentioned before? Well that followed us everywhere!

My typical day as a UK Soccer Coach involved me either working 9-1 or 4-8, depending on what camp I was on. Who could argue with working 4 hours a day doing something that you enjoy? We'd arrive on the Monday to meet and greet players and parents and then after that we'd be assigned our groups for the week and that was it - time to improve the playing ability of the kids. It's fair to say that the standard in America isn't great but what's refreshing about the American kids is their enthusiasm and enjoyment from playing the game and their willingness to learn. There isn't a better buzz from seeing a kid turns up on the Monday who hasn't got an idea how to play, and then comparing that with Friday when you see just what an amazing difference you have made to them.

The digs are pretty special too. We were housed in luxury apartments which were quite simply amazing. Not only do you get treated like a king from the American folk, the gaffers aren't too bad either! We had a fully functioning laundry room, state of the art kitchen and all we had to pay for was our food. We got paid weekly, $200 dollars which is a great wage. When you think about what we do, coach soccer for 4 hour a day, it's very good.

If you haven't realised from reading this that I had an amazing summer then I'll just reiterate once more. It was a fantastic experience and one which will be with me forever. I'd recommend it to anyone.

- Ian Rowe

Excellent living conditions, very good wages, and a great coaching curriculum. With opportunities to see plenty of America, I would recommend a summer working for UK Soccer to any coach.

- Chris Hames

Working with UK soccer was one of the best summers of my life. It gave me the oppurtuinty to do something I love every day - coaching football. The accomodations were fantastic - great houses with a swimming pool and a gym to use. You really can't ask for much more. The pay was also great, which meant that you could really enjoy yourself on your time off and make the most of the whole experience of being there. All in all UK soccer is a company I would recommend to anyone. You genuinely feel looked after and everything you need is taken care of. They really are a great company!

- Paul Henderson

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